Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Importance of Gratitude

Every time we show gratitude for the millions of ways we are blessed daily, we send our energy into the unseen world of the Dream Weave, and those threads of gratitude strengthen our spiritual connections. The resulting fabric of trust and faith is the safety net that catches us when we go through the Dark Night of the Soul, protecting us against the internal enemy of victim thinking.

Opportunity is normally the last thing we think about when we are in crisis, but that is one gift that is always being given. We are given the opportunity to grow, to learn how strong we really are, to see the value of loving support, to become more sensitive to the pain of others, to share our burdens with others, instead of thinking we are always alone, and to ultimately trust that we will be better people on the other side of our present, darkened passage through life.

~Jamie Sams 


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