Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Prayer for Easter Time

Gracious and loving God, as we prepare to celebrate Easter, may we be aware that the joy of Easter morning followed the sorrow of the preceding Friday and Saturday, just as spring follows the darkness of winter. Easter is about joy, but it is also about suffering and finding meaning in suffering. Help us remember that you often harness the darkness of our sorrow to generate light and life for us and for others. Keep us mindful that as we, like Jesus, travel through the valleys of life, you will always meet us on the other side.

May we learn to be like the soil, ready for turning and to welcome new life.

May we be like the buds of flowers and expand into color and joyfulness.

May we be like the rivers that receive the spring rains and move forward with power.

May we be like the sun as we go forth into spring and bring light to your world.

May we be aware of the many ways we are blessed, even in the midst of sorrow, and that we, like the spring flowers, can begin anew.


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