Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Journey

If you have felt like a stranger on this planet it is because you are. You have volunteered to come down and assist your brother and sister in remembering the truth in them by first recognizing it in yourself. When you are expressing your truth/natural state, that of being joyful, peaceful, compassionate, and loving, others will naturally be attracted to you, because they will see in you what they themselves are searching for. When you’re expressing your natural state you will have a feeling of fulfillment because in essence you are doing what you have come to do. If instead you’re investing your time, effort, and energy in the ego’s thought system, expressing anger, judgment, when you are stressed out and confused, when sadness and chaos seem to surround you, these are all signs that you are not expressing your truth, and thus you will experience a feeling of incompleteness, an emptiness within. You may be doing everything the ego’s world insisted you do, doing everything “right,” and still you will not find peace. Today let us all practice taking conscious steps in the direction of our truth, our natural state.

James Blanchard Cisneros


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